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You're Gonna Love BPAL....Or Else!


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You're Gonna Love BPAL....Or Else!


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MOTHER SHUB'S TOOTHSOME BANKETSTAAF: A treat sure to please even the most finicky cultist! Tubular pastries oozing with spijs, glazed with apricot jam, and dotted with glace cherries. Yule Limited Edition 2009

In Bottle: Pastry and warm fruit

On Skin: If a scent was edible, I wish it was this one. It smells so delicious!!!!!! Like fresh pastries straight from the oven... still warm, sticky and oozey. The apricot jam is my favorite, I actually feel my mouth watering for it. The pastry smells buttery and flaky... ready for me to take a bite. This would be the PERFECT room scent to make your home feel comforting and warm. It's not really a scent I'd wear, because it just makes me very, very hungry. Moderate throw, medium to long wearlength.

SNOWBALL FRACAS: This means war. A scent tight with delirious adrenaline. Muddy dirt and frost-covered moss from the trenches rubbed into winter clothes and snow impact overspray. This scent hits like the sting from those dang icy hard snowballs... the ones that have been packed too hard by someone who is not playing nice... nailing you right in the face. Limited Edition Yule 2009

In Bottle: Dirt and aquatic

On Skin: The classic BPAL dirt note comes to the foreground right away... it's the same dirt note from Zombie and Graveyard Dirt. Surrounding it is a fresh aquatic note, very clean and crisp. I expected the note to be more cold in feel, maybe a mint or something... but I don't get that at all. It's a gorgeous scent, but it doesn't feel Wintery to me. It's more fresh and Spring like if anything... with the smell of rain and dirt. Even though there is a dirt note, it feels clean... very refreshing and crisp. It has a moderate throw and medium to long wearlength.

Fit for the finest oblation -- and your holiday table, too! Sugar-sprinkled pepper nuts with a bit of cinnamon, a bit of clove, a little cardamom, and a hint of nutmeg. Yule Limited Edition 2009

In Bottle: Nuts and dirt

On Skin: Ok, for some reason my nose is not liking the pepper nuts in this one, it takes on a very dusty note. The spices are there, but much more in the background, the only one that stands out on it's own is the nutmeg. When I inhale deeply I feel like sneezing... very dry and dusty. I can sense a sort of cookie note in there, but for the most part it is dry dusty spices and I don't get any sweetness at all. This scent doesn't do it for me sadly. The throw is very strong and the wearlength is long.

When the winter chrysanthemums go,
there's nothing to write about
but radishes.
Lest the next few updates be dedicated solely to radishes, we've created this scent to keep the winter chrysanthemums alive. A gentle flurry of snow dusting the season's last chrysanthemums, illuminated by pale rays of winter's amber-tinted sunlight.
Yule Limited Edition 2009

In Bottle: Cold flowers

On Skin: This scent has a beautiful pale icey feel... I can see icicles melting and dripping onto the mums... I can smell the greens and the sweet buds and a very light note of soil. It is such a dainty and fragile scent. While it is icey and cold, I also can feel the warmth of the rays of sun that are bravely fighting through the cold winter. I am not a person who wears florals, but I think this is absolutely lovely and would love to smell it on someone else. Very light throw and short to medium wearlength.

BLUE PHOENIX: (prototype)

In Bottle: Blueberry yum!

On Skin: At first it smells like my Blueberry Strawberry shortcake doll I had when I was little. Then then within seconds sadly, this scent that everyone loves goes pretty darn bad on me. It goes almost pure menthol plastic. What in the world? The yummy fresh blueberry turns to Halls coughdrops if they had a blueberry flavor! My husband wouldn't sit next to me, he said I smelled like chemicals. I adore BPAL so much, I hate to give a less than favorable review on any scent, but this one just doesn't like me. Nothing we can really do about that... oh well, guess it can go to a better home.
Super strong throw and moderate wearlength.

O v5: (prototype)

In Bottle: Boozy honey (yum!)

On Skin: This honey is SWEET. It is full of yum and deep rich sticky honey love. At first it stays true honey, almost like Honey SN... then it becomes more diverse. There is a slight fruitiness to it, almost like Lotus. I love sweet scents so this one seems like a keeper. But after about 5 minutes, it fades lightning fast. It also becomes a bit artificial smelling. But it does smell more similar to O than v6 does. It's not as elegant, it more playful and candylike. The amber is very light, adding a delicate powdery layer, but the sticky sweetness keeps it from becoming to dry and dusty like v6. It also is missing the perfumey edge that the released O has and I think that takes away from the elegance. I still love this scent, and it's fun to smell what O *could* have been. But I wouldn't trade it for my dear GC O...
Throw is light to moderate, and although it fades super quick, the lingering scent that does remain lasts quite a while.

O v6: (prototype)

In Bottle: Sweet honey and powder

On Skin: This honey is much more sweet than the regular O. O is my trademark BPAL scent that I wear more than anything. it gives a feeling of confidence and beauty. But... then this version quickly goes to powder on me... and the dreaded pencil shaving stage. No!!! I was so excited for it from the bottle, but on my skin it loses it's sweet stickiness and becomes very dry and almost pure powder.
I think the amber just takes over, and normally amber works on me, but here it's having an odd reaction to my chemistry.
It does have a warm side and I do sense a very faint light spice in the background. I agree with fairynymph that it may be carnation (or geranium), but I think it is so slight it's almost not there. You have to really search for it.
After an hours wear there is still some sweetness, but for the most part it is dry and dusty. Not at all the way the normal O smells on me. I would say it smells slot more like Sed Non Satiata if I had to compare it...
After that hour if fades very quickly. The throw on the scent is very light and I would say it has a short wearlength.
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