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You're Gonna Love BPAL....Or Else!

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You're Gonna Love BPAL....Or Else!



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April 15th, 2009

Hey there! It's time for our next Colorado Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Meet-N-Sniff.
For those of you know don't know what BPAL is, check out the link... :)

Sunday May 3rd
@ Cafe Netherworld
1278 Pennsylvania
(13th and Pennsylvania)
Cap Hill, Denver

Feel free to bring whatever you'd like... imps, bottles, your whole collection or just stuff you want to swap... whatever seems best to you.
Cafe Netherworld is a wonderful cafe/coffeehouse/bar. They serve New Orleans styled food, adult beverages and coffee of course. They have a great staff who love love us and a jukebox playing some super fun music to keep us chipper. They even provide cups of coffee beans to clear our sniffers!

Please reply HERE (trying to keep comments in one place) if you plan to come because I need RSVP's so I can let the cafe know how many of us to expect. They will set aside a table for us. :)

November 7th, 2008

Hellhound imp and more here
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