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bpal_mafia's Journal

You're Gonna Love BPAL....Or Else!
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This is a community for BPAL lovers. For the love of BPAL, let's be good to each other!

We all agree to treat each other as we would like to be treated!

This community is UNMODERATED and has no babysitters.

This com has NO affiliation with the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. The Lab is not responsible for anything that occurs in this community. The maintainers are not responisble for replacing swaps that were lifted or monies that goes missing. We will ban swaplifters from the community, but if they have stolen from you, please contact the authorities. Be smart when dealing with swappers. It's your money, it's your oil, it's your deal.

This community assumes you are an adult and can be responsible for your own words and actions.

If you get yourself into a dramatic mess, that's your problem, don't come running to me. I'm not your mother!

Flaming and drama is childish and a waste of time. As stated above, this com is for adults. Venting is fine, but bitching is tiresome. NO whiners!

Post what you want! Just remember, if certain kinds of post bother the heck out of you, they probably bother others too. Post accordingly.

Think before you speak! If you can't back up you words, perhaps you shouldn't say it.

Have fun! Everyone play fair and nice or we will hunt you down like dogs! =D